API – Testimonials Widget Premium



  • twp_form_save

    Save or modify form fields upon testimonials form submission. example



  • twp_scripts_display

    Customize $scripts_display contents. Useful for changing the star image path to something you’d like to use.

  • twp_html_link

    Link filtering for the testimonialswidgetpremium_link_list shortcode.

  • twp_more_text

    ‘Read more’ text replacement. Example

  • twp_link_title_text

    ‘Complete testimonial by ‘ text replacement.

  • twp_more_ellipsis

    Ellipsis, ‘…’, text replacement. Example

  • tw_cite_html

    Adjust cite contents. Example

  • twp_form_heading

    Form header text replacement. Example


  • tw_disable_cache

    Accepts boolean to use caching or not.

  • tw_cache_get

    Caching grabber. Example

  • tw_cache_set

    Caching setter.

  • twp_form_options

    Filter form options. Example Add a field

  • twp_send_mail_notification_to

    Alter recipient for send_mail_notification.

    $to = apply_filters( 'twp_send_mail_notification_to', $to, $post_id );

  • twp_send_mail_notification_subject

    Alter subject for send_mail_notification.

    $subject = apply_filters( 'twp_send_mail_notification_subject', $subject, $post_id );

  • twp_send_mail_notification_body

    Alter body content for send_mail_notification.

    $body = apply_filters( 'twp_send_mail_notification_body', $body, $post_id );

  • twp_send_mail_notification_headers

    Alter headers for send_mail_notification.

    $headers = apply_filters( 'twp_send_mail_notification_headers', $headers, $post_id );

  • twp_send_mail_notification_attachment

    Alter attachment for send_mail_notification.

    $attachment = apply_filters( 'twp_send_mail_notification_attachment', self::$mail_attachment, $post_id );

Need More?

Further Examples and more can be found by reading and searching the Testimonials Knowledge Base and source code.