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Increase cash flow by automatically checking on abandoned shopping carts via reminders and discounts for Easy Digital Downloads transactions.

This plugin makes it super easy to recoup sales revenue lost to abandoned shopping carts and failed Easy Digital Downloads transactions. At user defined times, emailed initial, multiple-interim, and final sales recovery attempts are made. These messages can be customized based upon the recovery stage and with a variety of template tags. Further, at each stage, a discount code can be created to encourage users to buy now.

Introduction to Sales Recovery for Easy Digital Downloads

Users can opt out of the recovery process via completing a transaction or clicking an unsubscribe link. All discount codes are single-use, expiring, and unique to users. Further, discount code usage, helps determine successfully recovered sales.

At the end of an unsuccessful recovery process, the original payment record status is set to abandoned and no further recovery attempt emails are sent.

Admins can keep track of the recovery process via the Payment History report and Order Detail screens. Further, admins can manually initiate or stop the recovery process and resend the last recovery email. Lastly, when payments are manually completed or abandoned, the sales recovery process is halted.

Sales Recovery Features

  • Adds {admin_order_details}, {admin_order_details_url}, {cart_items}, {discount_expiration}, {stage}, {checkout}, {checkout_url}, {contact}, {contact_url}, {site_url}, {store_url}, {unsubscribe}, {unsubscribe_url}, {users_orders}, {users_orders_url} template markers
  • Admin notifications contain order detail and user’s transaction links for sales recovery overview
  • API
  • Attempts initial, multiple-interim, and final sales recovery sequence via email
  • Automatically looks for abandoned, failed, or pending transactions to attempt sales recovery on
  • Automatically runs via hourly cron
  • Completed purchases are checked for discount code usage to mark related sales recovery transactions as successfully recovered
  • Creates unique one-time discount code for recovery attempt stages
  • Daily inactivation or purge of unused, expired discount codes
  • Disable notification options
  • Initial recovery is automatically attempted within hours of user abandoning cart
  • Initiate or stop sale recovery process via Order Details and Payment History
  • Interim and final recovery attempt in days
  • Preview initial, interim, and final sales recovery email templates
  • Recovery notes shown in Order Details
  • Recovery status shows in Payment History and Order Details
  • Resend Recovery Email via Payment History and Order Details
  • Send initial, interim, and final sales recovery test emails
  • User profile sales recovery unsubscribe stops current and future processing
  • Users can unsubscribe from sales recovery emails via a single-click
  • Works with Mandrill API/SMTP

Sold via Easy Digital Downloads website.

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