API – Easy Digital Downloads Sales Recovery

The EDD Sales Recovery plugin comes with its own set of actions and filters, as described below.


  • eddsr_edd_recover_sale

    Post manual recover sale attempt.

  • eddsr_edd_resend_recovery

    Post manual resend sale recovery email.

  • eddsr_sales_recover_process

    Post sales recover process. Called after discount created and emails sent.

  • eddsr_edd_resend_recovery

    Post ending sales recover process.

  • eddsr_personal_options_update

    Post personal options update.


  • eddsr_sales_recovery_template_tags

    Revise contents of sales recovery template tags text. example

  • eddsr_set_edd_payment_statuses_ignore

    Filter ignored payments IDs.

  • eddsr_set_edd_payment_statuses_users

    Filter users of payments to attempt recovery efforts for. example

  • eddsr_get_recover_sales_ids

    Filter payment ID’s to attempt recovery efforts for.

  • eddsr_sales_recover_process_attachments

    Add attachments to outgoing sales recovery emails.

  • eddsr_get_email_to

    Modify outgoing email to address contents Example

  • eddsr_get_email_body

    Modify outgoing email body contents.

  • eddsr_create_discount_code

    Modify discount code text. Useful to pretty print “51f385b441f74”.

  • eddsr_create_discount

    Modify meta parameters used to create store discount.

Need More?

Further examples and more can be found by reading and searching the EDD Sales Recovery Knowledge Base.