Classy plugin, classy author

I don’t know the author but I have read his blog and every one of his relentless support posts over the past 3 months and he is, without doubt, a talented, classy, eloquent, communicative and conscientious man whose only failing may be a touch of OCD. I feel compelled to support him and will buy the pro version or donate.

As for his plugin, I have looked at every other testimonials plugin that was ever conceived and this, to my eye, is easily the most elegant, most customisable, most design-conscious, most flexible and most professional of the whole universe.

Do check your PHP version number though as 5.3 and above seems to be required for the latest update of this plugin. An earlier version of this plugin should be downloaded if your web server is running an older version of PHP.

Five stars from me – for all kinds of reasons. Bravo.