Klaus Steuding

Klaus Steuding
I'm very impressed about this exemplary support.

Looking for a testimonial plugin with very flexible options, i came to this one. because i am still a wordpress beginner, it was a big opportunity for me, to combine functions of other shortcodes inside the testimonial text.

Michael responds very quickly with a code snippet to insert into the functions.php which was absolutely great. But he did more. He implemented a new setting and a new option the enable/disable this function on a per testimonial base. Isn’t that exemplary?

At the same day, i send my request to Michael, i also send a request to another plugin developer – until now without a response. with Michael, a complete implementation of my request into testimonial widget.

I love to work with such people. Great Job, Michael and thanks a lot !!!

Klaus :-)

Klaus SteudingCoachGermany