Louise Beattie

Louise Beattie
Your help has been really appreciated

I had been looking for the right plug in to display client testimonials on my blog. After much googling and reading of reviews I decided to give Testimonials Widget and a few others a try. Testimonials Widget was the only one that had everything I was looking for – the others all had at least one feature that I wanted missing. I did not have to think twice about upgrading to the Premium version – it is great value and the extra features are well worth it.

Not having a great deal of knowledge of web development, I did need a little help from Aihrus to set up the plug in as I wanted, but the support was very prompt, helpful and thorough.

I have already recommended Testimonials Widget and Testimonials Widget Premium to some business friends of mine. These days it is important to demonstrate social proof to our potential clients and Testimonials Widget is a great way of doing so and will more than pay for itself.

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