Bahman Farzad


Hi We have used the testimonials plugin on a site for a client and felt we should make a donation. It looks great by the way. Best wishes

Karuna Batra

Thank you Michael for setting up a neat, simple to follow and an easily scalable performance appraisal system.

Bassam Ismail

It was a pleasure seeing you at the retreat. All of you at Axelerant make me feel proud and inspired.

Mohit Aghera

Thank you so much for organizing such awesome retreat. You guys are awesome. Your dedication to make everyone happy is inevitable.

Abhi Goel

Great job on the planning and coordinating all the photos.

Medhamsh Vuthpala

Kudos on your efforts in making us look awesome with your outstanding photography and a professional approach.

Parth Gohil

Sweet job on the engagement activities at the retreat. You know it worked well when you see the smiles on people’s faces in the photographs during those games.

Jasper Levi

Jasper - Axelerant Retreat 2015 - Goa India

It was an amazing experience being a part of the Collateral Team, and shooting alongside you. Great tips, ideas and collaboration!